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Dan Baer has devoted his career to public service. He fought for human rights around the world as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State. When Barack Obama asked him to be his Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Dan served our country with honor. When Governor Hickenlooper asked him to serve the people of Colorado as head of the Department of Higher Education, he stepped up again. Dan’s story of service to country is setting him apart from the pack in this important race.

representative Jason crow

COLORADO, U.S. House of Representatives

Jason Crow served three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, achieving the rank of Captain and receiving a Bronze Star. Upon leaving military service, Crow joined the Colorado Board of Veterans’ Affairs to help veterans who suffer from homelessness and substance abuse. As a first term Member of Congress, Crow serves on the House Armed Services Committee where he is leading efforts to improve military readiness and strengthen all the tools of American power – diplomatic, developmental, and defense – to advance our values and interests around the world.

representative Andy kim

New Jersey, U.S. House of Representatives

Andy Kim served in Afghanistan as Strategic Advisor to Generals David Petraeus and John Allen. Kim went on to serve as Director of Iraq in Obama’s National Security Council where he coordinated the crisis response to countering the rise of ISIS. As a first term Member of Congress serving on the House Armed Services Committee, Kim is leading efforts to modernize America’s cybersecurity defenses and fighting to ensure that our actions abroad deliver security and prosperity for American families at home.

representative Tom Malinowski

New Jersey, U.S. House of Representatives

Tom Malinowski served as an Assistant Secretary of State under President Obama, fighting to defend liberty, equality, and rule of law. As Washington Director of Human Rights Watch, he helped lead a bipartisan effort to stop the use of torture. As a first term Member of Congress serving on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Malinowski has led efforts to protect American elections from foreign interference and force accountability for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Senator jeanne shaheen

New Hampshire, U.S. senate

For more than a decade, Jeanne Shaheen has been a powerful advocate in the Senate for smart, diplomacy-first foreign policy. As the only woman serving on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a leading voice on the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator Shaheen has been a consistent voice for diplomatic solutions to our national security challenges. 

representative Elissa slotkin

michigan, House of representatives

Elissa Slotkin served as a Middle East analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency and as Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs. As a first term Member of Congress serving on the House Armed Services Committee, Slotkin has led efforts to strengthen our national security, bolster American alliances, and maintain America’s openness to Dreamers and refugees fleeing disasters at home.

representative Abigail spanberger

virginia, House of representatives

Abigail Spanberger served as a federal law enforcement officer working narcotics and money laundering cases and later as a CIA operations officer from 2006 to 2014. As a first term Member of Congress, Spanberger serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, where she has pushed for reforms to counter the Chinese cyber threat and worked to strengthen America’s infrastructure for diplomacy. She has consistently pressed the Trump Administration to explain its justifications for the use of military force, and been a strong voice for restoring America’s standing in the world.