Foreign Policy for America Action Network is a non-partisan political action committee affiliated with Foreign Policy for America. Together with our members, we're working to elect champions for strong, principled American foreign policy.

Foreign Policy for America is a non-partisan, membership-based advocacy organization. We engage, connect, and support citizens to promote foreign policy that keeps us safe and out of conflicts, advances the prosperity of all Americans, and is true to our country’s highest values.

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Our endorsements are guided by three criteria: 1) alignment with our values, as indicated by answers to our candidate questionnaire, public statements, and prior votes; 2) commitment to lead on our issues, including by serving on the key committees or leading on particular legislation; and 3) electoral viability.

We conduct an in-depth interview with each new candidate seeking our endorsement, which allows the organization to hear candidates’ perspectives on key issues and plan for winning the election. In place of an interview, an incumbent’s support for issues of concern is gauged by reviewing his or her voting record and other public positions.

In races where multiple candidates align with our values and intend to lead on our issues, we are less likely to make endorsements. We do not favor dual endorsements. We do favor incumbency: when an elected official in a particular seat works consistently in defense of principled American engagement in the world, we support those champions. Endorsements may be made at various stages in the political cycle.